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    Maker's Mark


    We wanted to do something Maker's special, that only Maker's Mark would do, for the most important time of the year for the brand. We created an original music track by a Grammy award-winning composer, infusing elements of the holiday classic “Jingle Bells”. We also released a full-length version on streaming platforms, adding a new holiday favorite to drinkers’ end-of-year playlists.


    Original song composition

    Public domain song clearance

Song credits

  • Composer: Robert DiPietro, in collaboration with Ear Candy Shop; Public Domain sample of “Jingle Bells”
    Performed by: Robert DiPietro and Karlie Bruce

Project impact

  • - Gorgeous global creative
    - We took the campaign beyond a traditional TVC by creating a full-length version and making it available for fans
  • - Increased ROI on marketing
    - Ran for two years