June 22, 2023 Sam Parvin

10 Ways Music Can Impact Your Brand Marketing

It’s no secret that music is an extremely valuable tool for connecting with consumers and, ultimately, selling more product. And, there are ways to “optimize” for music in advertising that will have us really have the music we select and license work for the brand, business, and consumer.

In fact, I recently stumbled across a case study on Coldwell Banker advertising (conducted by iSpot.tv), who had recently been awarded the highest rated real estate advertiser and simultaneously reduced their production spend by 80% (!!) on that campaign. How did they achieve this massive increase in effectiveness of their marketing spend? By optimizing for music.

(case study here)

Here are ten specific ways I’ve seen music positively impact the business of the brands that you can be thinking about in working to get the most out of music selection and licensing.

  1. Increase marketing effectiveness (ROI)
  2. Save money (to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars) without sacrificing creative excellence and relevance with consumer
  3. Save money and time by coordinating licensing negotiations for an entire region
  4. Become a more “legit” contender in the category
  5. Connect a new consumer group; show your consumer you know them
  6. Differentiate your brand from others in a meaningful way
  7. Create brand consistency across markets
  8. Strengthen your brand by creating consistency across touchpoints, campaigns, pieces of content
  9. Shape culture / create cultural moments that turn buyers into brand fanatics
  10. Streamline and simplify internal processes, such that generating ideas and having them come to life is both simple and easy.

There are certainly plenty more we can come up with, as we look at each unique brand challenge. The key here is that, when we talk about music optimization, we’re talking about getting more value for the money, time and energy you spend. Music as an ASSET for your business, not a liability. And it does not require making major changes to your organization and processes; it just requires a little intentionality.

The truth is, that whether you’re intentionally working to impact these areas of your business or not, music IS affecting them… for the good or the bad.

What other ways have you seen #music work for #brands?

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Sam Parvin

Samantha Parvin - Owner, Parvin Music Over the last 13 years, Samantha Parvin has built three successful music for brands companies, has created and licensed music for the most recognized brands in the world, and has redefined what’s possible by connecting some of the world’s best musical talent with brands, globally. Samantha Parvin, Owner Parvin Music Her work in one of the best audio recording facilities in the US (Doppler Studios) and in Sales and Marketing at an international software company (Blackbaud Inc.) prepared her to accept a position as Global Music Consultant for The Coca-Cola Company at their headquarters in Atlanta, GA, where she helped “The Most Recognized Brand in the World” understand what’s possible with music, across the globe. Since then she has built two successful music licensing and original composition companies, has won over 30 internationally-recognized awards including two Cannes Lions, and has had the pleasure to support brands like GMC, Corona, Dos Equis, Maker’s Mark, Procter & Gamble and more. Now as Owner of Parvin Music, a music licensing and composition agency, Samantha is focused on working very closely with a small roster of clients to elevate creativity, advocate for the rights of independent musicians, and provide opportunities for the best talent to create art with brands.

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