March 12, 2020 Sam Parvin

Why My Location-Independent Business Was and Is a Great Idea

As COVID-19 spreads exponentially, it seems like we’re in some kind of apocalyptic bad dream. It’s easy for me to watch from afar and pretend like it doesn’t / couldn’t affect me. Offices all over the place are mandating that employees work from home (including The Coca-Cola Company’s Atlanta headquarters, where I worked for 3.5 years); South by Southwest and many other music and entertainment festivals are cancelled or postponed; entire countries are banning travel.

Not only are we looking at a global health crisis (which of course is bad enough), but also an economic one.

I’ve been communicating with and thinking a lot about my clients in the airline, beverage and travel industries and my colleagues in the live events sector and am offering my help where I can be a contribution.I am also very grateful for the business I have chosen to build.

From it’s inception, Parvin Music was meant to be a completely location-independent company.

Having a business that operates well from anywhere in the world, FOR anyone in the world, was purely a selfish creation on my part. Seeing the world is something that’s been an important part of my growth since I was a kid. And I have known since an early age that TIME is the one resource I will never have more of, so I will make the most of it and work when I need to work, and be able to go scuba diving on a Tuesday if I want. 🙂

I’ve worked with brands, agencies and artists in the US, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Netherlands, France, Puerto Rico, UK, and more in the last 2.5 years. I’ve seen a few clients in-person but mostly have managed to both build trusting relationships and to manage a community of musical talent who are scattered across the globe, from the comfort of my own home… WHICH, by the way, was in

Atlanta, GA, USA and then Mexico City and is now on the Caribbean Coast of Mexico.

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, I’m more present than ever to what benefits my business has for me, my clients, the artists I work with, and that businesses WILL develop themselves to have more fluid location specifications. And the Coronavirus may be a major catalyst for pushing us in that direction.

Because my business is he one I know best, we’ll use it as an example of a location-independent organization.

Here’s how Parvin Music is Organized.

Huge community of freelance music creators, each with their own music creating set-ups. No full-time employees. No full-time offices or studios to pay for. Tons of variety and the best team for each project, hired per-project. All working remotely.

Huge community of freelance music creators, each with their own music creating set-ups. No full-time employees. No full-time offices or studios to pay for. Tons of variety and the best team for each project, hired per-project.

What Having a Location-Independent Company Has Provided My Clients / Partners

  1. In times like now, my clients get to continue receiving the excellent counsel, services and solutions they’ve always received from Parvin Music, without interruption.
  2. Where many, many people across the globe are experiencing economic hardship and in particular freelancers / contractors don’t have a safety net to fall back on, my artists continue getting work as usual.
  3. Because everyone who works as part of the Parvin Music team is remote, our overhead is low, which allows us to be financially flexible and take on the projects we believe in, without needing to cover high office/studio/equipment costs.

I almost didn’t write this article because I thought others might see it as insensitive, like I’m promoting my business in a time of hardship. But it’s not about that, and it’s certainly not about me.

With entire businesses and industries making major changes to how they operate and the health and wealth of the human race being challenged, what I see to do is share with each other (from the comfort of our own computers and phones) about opportunities to keep going. To keep building. To stay healthy.

If you need music for your brand project, know that Parvin Music is offering the same stellar music composing, music supervision, editing and mixing, negotiation, and consulting services as usual. If you and/or your business needs something else in this moment, tap into your global, virtual community and ask. We all want to help. Let’s support each other.


Sam Parvin

Samantha Parvin - Owner, Parvin Music Over the last 13 years, Samantha Parvin has built three successful music for brands companies, has created and licensed music for the most recognized brands in the world, and has redefined what’s possible by connecting some of the world’s best musical talent with brands, globally. Samantha Parvin, Owner Parvin Music Her work in one of the best audio recording facilities in the US (Doppler Studios) and in Sales and Marketing at an international software company (Blackbaud Inc.) prepared her to accept a position as Global Music Consultant for The Coca-Cola Company at their headquarters in Atlanta, GA, where she helped “The Most Recognized Brand in the World” understand what’s possible with music, across the globe. Since then she has built two successful music licensing and original composition companies, has won over 30 internationally-recognized awards including two Cannes Lions, and has had the pleasure to support brands like GMC, Corona, Dos Equis, Maker’s Mark, Procter & Gamble and more. Now as Owner of Parvin Music, a music licensing and composition agency, Samantha is focused on working very closely with a small roster of clients to elevate creativity, advocate for the rights of independent musicians, and provide opportunities for the best talent to create art with brands.

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